Ourglass redefines the out-of-home TV
experience with apps and content.
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  • "Real" Social TV
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Stay in touch


  • Next Gen Billboard
  • Unblockable Platform
  • Viewer Tracking


  • OpenSource
  • HTML + JavaScript
  • Multiple Revenue Opportunities

Engage Your Patrons

Offer a cool, social experience that will have them coming back for more — and creates a profit for you.

Next-Gen Billboard

Ourglass puts your message where patrons are engaged — on the TV and their phone.

Say goodbye to billboards and toilet stalls. And your brand engagement just got much better— at a fraction of the cost.

Unblockable Platform

Our patent-pending screen optimizer lets broadcast content and Ourglass apps share the screen in harmony for a great viewer experience.

With no ad blockers, your message is displayed when you expect to be, to the audience you were promised.

Trackable System

Ourglass' cloud-based platform means a world of data is now at your fingertips about consumers and your message placement.

Get to know your audience better than you ever thought possible.


Create Your Own Apps for any TV — all You need to know is Javascript

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